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Helbreath USA


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Beginner Zone

When you first start out on Helbreath you stand in the Beginner Zone. Your alliance to either town is not yet set. By stepping over the teleport located towards the left, your taken to Aresden Farm. If you step over the teleport to the right, you arrive at Elvines Farm. You can stay in the Beginner Zone until your level 19. When you hit level 19 in order to keep leveling you’ll have to pick a town and go to their City Hall located in both Elvine and Aresden towns. Once you are above level 19, you can not enter the Beginner Zone again.


Followers of the God Eldiniel are called Elvine’s, nation Elvine. Their town is to the north of the maps. Inside Elvine you’ll find the Rocky Highlands, Death Valley, Eldiniel Gardens and the Elvine Dungeons. You can also gain access to the Middle Lands through the southern areas of the Elvine Town map.


Followers of the God Aresien are called Aresden’s, nation Aresden. Their town is to the south of the maps. Inside Aresden you’ll find the Eternal Fields, Silent Woods, Aresien Gardens and the Aresden Dungeons. You can also gain access to the Middle Lands through the northern areas of the Aresden Town map.

The Player Vs. Player action in Helbreath is equal to none. There are several maps where people from both towns fight against each other serving their gods, killing for enemy kill points and gaining hero armor. The maps below are known as PvP [Player Vs. Player] maps. You need to be a Combatant in order to enter most of the maps. You can change your Combatant status by talking to the NPC inside your City Hall.

Bleeding Island

Bleeding Island is a map where people can go and PvP. There are no monsters on the map. When you kill some one on this map you don’t get a kill point for it. You teleport to this map using a scroll from the Blacksmiths.

The Dungeons

Large and complicated mazes which spawn mines for skills and is protected by monsters. The Beginner Dungeon is accessible through the town Farms. TheMiddleland Mines is found in the middle of the Middlelands, where as the lower Dungeon levels are found below each of the the Town Dungeons. Both downs have a teleport to Level 2 with a 5,000 gold fee.

Beginner, and level 1 dungeon maps are accessable to free play accounts.

Middleland and Promiselands

A harsh and dangerous environment. Intense PvP action is held on both these maps. The Middlelands can be found going through either town, the Promise Lands can be found via the town farm areas. Promise Land has a level limit of 120-. The Middlelands is also the place where the Crusade takes place!

Tower of Hell

Similar to the dungeons, the Tower of Hell is a harsh place with a high spawn rates. This can be found in the middle of the Middle Lands. Tower of Hell level 3is only accessible by those who have proven their worth and have been granted Dark Knight Armor.


Randomly throughout the week the portal within Icebound will open allowing people to go in to the Apocalyps maps. In order to go through these maps you have to activate portals by killing all the monsters, or finding your way through a confusing and dangerous maze. Once you reach the Destroy all that are in your parth, and summon The Apocalypse!


Beyond the Portal

Abaddon Maps

Druncnian City

This city was created as a result of the battle between Gods in the past. It is the first map of Apocalypse. The city has an ancient feeling to it.

Infernia A

In order to reach the ground the next map, you must kill all the monsters in this map to open the Gate of Time. You can clear either Infernia A or B in order to continue.

Infernia B

In order to reach the ground the next map, you must kill all the monsters in this map to open the Gate of Time. You can clear either Infernia A or B in order to continue.


A difficult map to navigate as there is no map shown. The sudden appearance of monsters will put travelers in a difficult position.


This is a beautiful map with lots of dangerous monsters on it. All of the monsters must be killed in order to continue to Abaddon.


This place is where the God of Destruction, Abaddon is sealed. When you kill all the monsters in this map, Abaddon will wake. Abaddon would be the most challenging monster in Helbreath history.


In Heldenian, the Castle is in the center of the warfare. When you look at other MMORPGs, most of the Castle Seize Warfare is based on the benefit of a Guild or a small unit of groups. However, in Helbreath, we have extended the focus to nation to nation. Anyone who has citizenship and has at least Level 81 can participate in the Castle Seize.