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gem1 Game download & installation

msn06Download Helbreath for FREE, Click Here. You’ll need to download the Full Install.

This is an executable file, so all you have to do is double click the file once it’s downloaded. Follow the prompts to install the game.

To run the game, look for Helbreath (or navigate to C:\Games\Helbreath Apocalypse) within your Windows Start Menu.



gem2 Load & login screen options

Once the game has finished loading you will have the load screen options.

  • Login: Continues to the next screen, allowing you to enter your user details and enter the game account.
  • New Account: Minimizes the game, and loads the Helbreath account creation page.
  • Exit: Closes the game.

To login to the game enter your account information. Your account name and password are case sensitive. Be sure that you’ve used a password that you’ve made it a difficult password to guess EG: G0Ne4lunCh, 1bEhAve, 1EL8reAth.



gem1Character screen

charscreenEach account allows you to have 4 characters in total. These characters can be either Elvine or Aresden.

To create a new character, click on the “Create New Character” button. Enter your name, and design the character as you want. You’ll also have to pick your starter Stats “Warrior”, “Mage” or “Magician”.

  • Warrior: Generally VIT, STR and DEX as main Stats. These characters are close range attackers. They have high defense since their high strength allows them to use stronger armor. Warriors are generally easier to level.
  • Mage: Utilizing INT and MAG as well as a little DEX and VIT. Mages are distance attackers as their low armor makes them vulnerable to physical attacks. They have a variety of spells for defense and attacking, and can be quite powerful. Mages are slightly more difficult to level than a warrior.
  • Magician: Also called a “Battle Mage“, “Plate Mage“. Although they have the INT required to obtain most spells, their MAG is generally low as they sacrificed this stat for additional STR, DEX or VIT. These characters are incredibly complex and difficult to train as they have balance the statistics while still maintaining a valuable leveling rate. However they make good PvP support characters.

Helbreath also uses Guild Masters as a key part to both Crusades and Sieges. To be a Guild Masters require you need to be a Combatant, and to have 20 charm and be level 20+. While they sacrifice stat points, they play an important part in a Crusade and Siege.




Each character has six specific points that can determine the personality of the character. As your characters level increases you obtain 3 additional stat points. Each stat point area can range from 10 to 200.

  • STR (Strength): The STR points defines the power of a character.
    The STR points relate to the maximum load you can carry and weight of item you can wield. All weapons have a STR requirement for “full swing speed”. STR also adds s damage bonus to attacks. The higher your STR the better armor you can wear.
  • VIT (Vitality): The VIT Points defines the hit points of a character and the amount that is regenerated. The more VIT you have, the higher you regen and the more effective “Health Recovery” Armor is.
  • DEX (Dexterity): The DEX points define the agility of a character.
    If your DEX points increase, so does attack success and defense rating.
  • INT (Intelligence): The INT defines the intelligence of a character.
    The more INT points you have, the more spells you can learn for both attacking and defense.
  • MAG (Magic): The MAG points defines the magical ability of a character.
    Increase MAG points results in an increase to mana points as well as the amount of mana that is regenerated. The more MAG you have the higher you casting probability is as well as the speed of casting. MAG also gives a a bonus to damage.
  • CHR (Charisma): The CHR points defines the charisma of a character.
    At 20 point CHR or above you are able to create a Guild. Increasing CHR points enables you to buy items at cheaper prices.

At level 180 you can change your Stats by using majesty points.

Misc Info: HP(Hit Point), MP(Mana Point), SP(Stamina Point), and Max Load(Maximum Weight Load) will be calculated with compounding characteristics above.

Max HP = 3*VIT + 2*Level + STR/2
Max MP = 2*MAG + 2*Level + INT/2
Max SP = 2*STR + 2*Level
Max.Load = 5*STR + 5*Level



There are a range of skills that you can have within the game, however your limited to 700% per character. When you reach 100% in a weapon skill you obtain a special ability that allows you to “Crit”, also known as a Critical Attack . This is a power attack that also increases the range of the weapon, each weapon has their own range. Skills are used for manufacturing, mining and alchemy. The higher your skill the greater your chance of a successful attack, dodge or completion.

  • Fist attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 STR
  • Short sword attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Fencing Attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Long sword attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Axe Attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Archery attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Staff attack: Weapon Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 MAG

Critical Attack: If the weapon skill that you are using is 100%, you can use a special attack. (See Hot keys).

You get 1 special “Critical” per 10 levels (MAX of 18). The special attack regenerates back at 1 every 40 seconds. You can also obtain them through damage.

Special attack damage depends on the weapon used and the defense of the target your hitting.

  • Magic Skill : Magic Attack Skill
    100% skill = 50 MAG
  • Mining: Gatherer / Gold Making Skill
    100% skill = 50 STR
  • Shield: Defensive Skill
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Magic ability: Casting Probability
    100% skill = 50 MAG
  • Resist magic: Defensive Skill
    100% skill = Level x2
  • Manufacturing: Creation / Gold Making Skill
    100% skill = 50 STR
  • Fishing: Gatherer / Gold Making Skill (Currently Disabled)
    100% skill = 50 DEX
  • Farming: Gatherer / Gold Making Skill
    100% skill = 50 INT
  • Pretend corpse: Defensive Skill (Currently Disabled)
    100% skill = 50 INT
  • Resist Poison: Defensive Skill
    100% skill = 50 VIT


gem2 Game Controls and Display

Moving: Click the left button in the direction you want to move and hold the mouse button down.

Running: Press the ‘Shift’ key and click where you want the character to run to in spurts. To enable your character to run all the time ‘crtl + R‘. In order to run you need SP (Stamina points).

Stop: Right click the mouse button until your character stops.

Attack / Peace mode: Press the Tab key or click the knife icon to convert.

For Melee: Select the target you want to attack, hold down the left mouse button while they are in range. Holding the right mouse button will allow you to attack with out moving.
For magic: Select the spell you want to cast, cast the spell and then click on the screen where you want to aim the spell.

Stand still Attack: To use distance weapons like archery, click the right button. This will prevent you from chasing after the target.

Differences between enemies and allies: Place the mouse cursor to any character.
Green: Friendly Target. While they might be able to attack you, you will not drop any items when you die.
Red: Enemy Target. They will be able to attack you, if you die you will drop items. Monsters are Enemy targets.
~ Blue: Neutral target. Will only attack you if you attack it. Will attack a criminal.

Bow / Greeting : If you want to greet someone or bow, change to peace mode and click the left button on the person while holding the control button.

Attacking a neutral or friendly target: Enemies or allies, if you want to attack press control key and click the character.

Change direction while stationary : Click the right button in the direction you want to face.

Dash-attack: This is an extra attack that can be done when you are 1 space away from the target with 100% weapon skill. Hold down the shift key to dash at an enemy, shift + control is required for friendly or neutral targets.


gem1Chat functions

Talk to Allies: Insert the ‘ ~ ’ before and the chart is showed just to Allies.
EG: ~Only your fellow towns people Allies chat. Each time you talk reduces 5 point of SP and when it’s empty it is transmitted as normal message.
The allies chat is this (blue / purple) color


General Chat: All the players can listen in this mode. Type ‘ ! ’ before transmitting.
EG: !Any one on the map will be able to see General chat.
This message is showed in a red color. Note that this will reduce your SP by 5 points each time you send a message.
The general char is this (red / pink) color

Talk to Surrounding Area: Simply start typing, and any one around you will be able to see it. EG: Any one on the screen at the time will be able to see Local Chat.
The surrounding chat is this (white) color

Guild Chat: All the players within the guild will be able to see this chat. Type ‘ ^’ or ‘ @ ‘ before transmitting, depending on which it is you wish to use.
EG: ^Any one on in your guild will be able to see Guild chat, on any map.
@Any one on in your guild will be able to see Guild chat however, is limited to the same map you’re on.
The guild chat is this (green) color

Private Messaging: To whisper, type “/to ID”(case sensitive). Now all your chat will go to just that one person. To cancel whispering, type “/to”.
EG: /to Name
Only the person you’re whispering at the time will be able to see Whisper Chat.

The whispered chat is this (gray) color

gem2Profile setting & Finding characters

To set: Type ‘ /setpf ’ <enter what you want>. e.g. /setpf The best fighter

To view and see if the person is online type ‘/pf ID’ and you will see a basic profile of the player.

Verifying player if connected: ‘/to ID ’ You can see if he’s connected. You can also try to whisper them by using /to ID (To cancel a whisper (private message) type /to )

This can be used to find enemy characters on your map as well as friendly.





Effects the damage done and dealt with by Righteous and Kloness weapons.

/rep+ Name : Increases another character’s Reputation by 1. You have to wait for an hour after using this command to be able to use it or ‘/rep-‘ again.

/rep- Name : Decreases another character’s Reputation by 1. You have to wait for an hour after using this command, to be able to use it or ‘/rep+’ again.

If your account is subcribed you can find out your reputation by typing /repcheck. If you’re on a free play account you can find out what your characters reputation is by making a request via the site. Note: There is an administration charge.


gem1Items & Leveling up

Each of the monsters within Helbreath give you experience points. The person who gets the last hit, gains the most experience points. If you are in a party the experience points are split between the people in the party. There are a few different type of drops that can appear after a monster dies.

First Drops: When a monster dies, these items appear where the monster once stood. To pick up the item, click on your character while standing on top of them. These drops range from gold to potions, statted weapons and statted armors.

Second Drops: When the monsters body disappears there is a chance at a second drop.

There are the default drops that appear from all monsters such as Zemstone of Sacrifice, Xelima Stones, Merien Stones and Ancient Stone Pieces. Some monsters have a body part that drops when they die, some are used in alchemy while others are used in events.

Monsters also have a chance at dropping unique items including jewelry, special spells and weapons. They are are often worth a lot within the Helbreath community. Be sure to check around prior to selling, trading or using it.
Be careful not to double click a special spell if you find one, as this will use the item.

As you level up and place your stats the monsters you fight will become easier. Different maps have different monsters on them, the harder the monster the more experience you’ll get. Explore the maps and find a place that is good for leveling.



gem2Play Modes

There are a few different play modes that exist within Helbreath.

  • Neutral: You first start out as a traveler, these characters are neutral to both towns and can venture back and forth between the two. Once you reach level 19 you must pick a side in order to continue leveling.
  • Civilians: This mode gives you immunity against the enemy town within selected town maps. While you are a civilian no harmful spells will effect your character when cast by another player. Civilians are not able to invis or berserk other combatant players. It is important while you are a civilian not to interfere with any PvP (Player Vs. Player) action going on as this can be called griefing and end up getting you in trouble. If you see any PvP going on around you, move to another area. This mode is available from when you assign yourself to a town until level 100. Once you reach level 100 you are now ready to be a combatant. If you want to change to a combatant earlier you can go to the City Hall and talk to the NPC standing there.
  • Combatants: Can attack any one and everything as well as go to any maps.
  • Criminals: These are players who have killed another member from the same town. Any one can kill a Criminal. In order to remove the Criminal status the player needs to die the same amount of times as players they’ve killed.