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Siege Information

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The core essence of Helbreath is massive warfare in the game, such as the Crusade. Warfare is the unique feature of Helbreath and we are proud to say has the most complete and the best warfare system among any other 2D online game. Heldenian is an enhanced version of current Crusade system.

In the Crusade, the warfare is held on a normal map, each player is assigned with a specific role and each guild plays important role in the warfare. However, in Heldenian, the Castle is in the center of the warfare and it is more of Nation Vs. Nation battle than Guild Vs. Guild, although Guild Masters still play an important part in the Sieges.

There are 2 different Siege types that players can experience, these are cycled on a weekly basis. The first type is the Battlefield Siege, the second is the Castle Siege.


Battle Field

Whoever destroys opponent’s guard towers first wins Heldenian. If Guard towers were not destroyed in an hour the following conditions are used used to determine the winning nation.

  • Town with the least amount of remaining towers
  • Number of flags put on fields
  • If above 1 and 2 are same, whoever destroyed the first tower wins

Castle Siege

A Guild Master from the attacking town must place a flag within the God’s Heldenian map, while the defending (winner of the previous Siege) town must stop them. There are a series of Gates which must be destroyed in the Rampart map in order for either town to engage each other in combat. To assist those defending the Castle there is also 3 bridges which can be blocked by players in order to stop any one from the enemy town from passing through.

Only a Guild Master can plant the flag. In order to get a flag some one must spend EK’s at the Command Hall. The Command Hall is also used to obtain battle units, and teleport you to the Siege map.

If the attacking town fails to plant a flag within the time allowed, the defending town wins.

Battle Units

Everyone can summon battle units during a siege. They are specific units that defend the town of the person that summons them. Obtained by purchasing them using points given to you based off your Charm stat. The more charm your character has, the more units and better quality units they can obtain.

Unit Info Points
 sor Sorceress
Moderate melee attacks, magic attacks.
 ancienttempleknight Ancient Temple Knight
Strong melee doing high damage and low hit points.
 elfmaster Elf Master
Weak melee with archer range, stun.
 darkshadowknight Dark Shadow Knight
Slow moderate damage with high hit points.
 barbarian Barbarian
Strong melee, low range. Slow attacks with moderate hit points.
 hbtank Heavy Battle Tank
Slow steady damage that stuns. Notable HP. Long range.
Unit Info Points
 arrow Arrow Tower
Summoned in the Battle Field map.Used in Battle Field Siege.
 cannon Cannon Tower
Summoned in the Battle Field map.Used in Battle Field Siege.
 gate Gate
Summoned in the Heldenian Rampart map.Used in Castle Siege. Must be destroyed in order to obtain access to the Castle.

Both Siege events have a few other feature points listed below.

  • During a Siege, you will not drop items when you die while on the Siege maps, you will however drop items in any other map.
  • The Siege maps are placed with a “no-attack mode” for the first 5 mins in order to allow everyone time to teleport to the map and be ready.
  • During Sieges you can obtain EK’s as well as PK.
  • Should you die during a Siege exp is reduced as normal.
  • When you obtain an EK, you receive 3x exp than normal.
  • You can not use the spell “summon monster” while on the Siege maps.
  • When you die, your summoned units die along with you.
  • Placing a flag down during a Battle Field Siege increases all abilities by 1.3 times.
  • If the flag is not used (planted) during the Siege it can be used again next time.

The winners of the Siege get rewarded by the following

  • Teleporting feature to the Middlelands.
  • Teleport to Middle Land.
  • There is no price change in winning nation. Defeated nation, prices double.
  • The chance of getting an item for winning nation’s characters is increase by 150% on some maps.
  • Winning nation can enter the Heldenian map which is littered with monsters for hunting.