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Episode I – Perfect Dark

Under the persuasion of the Archbishop, the Princess of Elvine had set forth to perform sacrificial rites in the Middle Land. During one these rites, a mysterious Dark Force assailed the princess and her guards. The Royal Guards fought admirably along side the Royal Knight and Royal Sorcerer, but the Dark Force proved to be too powerful. Only the Princess managed to escape the massacre with the help of the Lucky Gold Ring and Zem Stone Sacrifice, both given to her by her beloved mother, the Queen.

The frantic Elvine Princes fled swiftly and aimlessly away from the unknown danger that had so savagely slaughtered her entourage. Soon she found herself alone and lost in the vast Middle Lands. It seemed that the princess would not find her way home until a knight appeared and offered her guidance. After the Princess told the knight she was of Elvine, the mysterious man revealed himself as an Aresden Knight and the grandson of Aresden’s High Priest. The princess’s only hope rested on her sworn enemy. Yet, the knight, in an unprecedented act of goodwill and chivalry, insisted that he would take her home safely despite the bitter feud of their respective nations. The knight returned the Princess to her homeland unharmed. However, the kind-hearted knight was shunned for his traitorous actions when he returned to his country.

When the leaders of Elvine heard of the brutal attack on the Princess, they assumed that only Aresden could coordinate such a heinous crime. Elvine promptly declared war on Aresden for its treacherous acts. Both countries, preparing for the impending battle, manned their frontlines with Supreme SafeGuard Knights. In a fortunate turn of events, diplomacy between the Elvine and Aresden King prevented the needless destruction. The two kings agreed upon truce and the war was called off. Despite the temporary peace, paranoia swept both lands. Both remained prepared for warfare.

At the same time, an unknown force was devastating Elvine’s and Aresden’s neighboring countries. Both nations became deeply concerned that this mysterious menace would enter their borders. Seeing this as a golden opportunity to regain the respect of his country, the Arseden Knight, who so valiantly rescued the Elvine Princess, offered to investigate the new threat. The knight soon found that two hideous monsters were behind the destruction.

The two monsters were called “Hellclaw” and “Tigerworm” and their powers were believed to surpass almost any known. Upon receiving such information and considering the gravity of the situation, the nations of Elvine and Arseden agreed to cooperate and investigate the source and intentions of these beasts. They soon discovered that the monsters were headed towards the mythical Land of Destruction where inside Abaddon was sealed.

Upon further study, the wise men revealed that the monsters were the safeguards of the Ancient Civilization that had existed before the Great War of the Gods. They had been lured by the Dark Force to return to this world to release Abaddon. Wise men warned the people that these two furious monsters must be stopped before they reach the Land of Destruction.

Episode 2 – Resurrection of Abaddon  abaddon    

Elvine and Arseden, united under their new truce, captured Hellclaw and Tigerworm and locked them in the underground land of prisoners. In the quest to capture the two monsters, the brave knight from Arseden, rescuer of the Elvine Princess, found out the truth of Abaddon and his intentions while scouring the Ancient Civilization. His people would not believe what he had discovered; so with the help of the Elvine Princess, he explained what he had found to the Elvine king.

Meanwhile in Elvine and Abaddon, all weapons and armor blessed by God began to disappear. The Villains, worshippers of Abaddon, had stolen the sacred articles and taken all those who possessed them prisoner. The Villains delivered these articles to the Land of Collapse, the prison of the evil Abaddon. These blessed armors and weapons were necessary to free Abaddon from his imprisonment.

In the Land of Collapse, the Villians, running out of time, performed the ceremony to resurrect Abaddon, missing one of the necessary sacred weapons. Carefully, they placed the Sword of Ice Elemental, the Sword of Medusa, the Sword of Xelima, the Merian Shield, and the Merian Plate upon six of the seven columns surrounding the shrine that confined Abaddon. The ceremony worked but not as planned. Abaddon was resurrected bodiless, existing only as a spirit. Abaddon plotted to summon Hellclaw and Tigerworm to find the “Abaddon Ring,” whose power could revert him to his full and mighty stature.

Episode 3 – The Crusade

Abaddon, without a physical body, began to manipulate the weak-minded citizens of Elvine and Arseden and use them for his own means. The Archbisop of Arseden, in a weakened state and burdened with the treacherous manipulation of Aresden’s citizens, soon fell under the power of Abaddon. With the Archbishop under his control, Abaddon used him to initiate a great religious war between Elvine and Arseden.

Soon the Supreme SafeGuard Knights of both countries were nearly wiped out. The Archbishop of Arseden broke free from his curse just long enough to realize the terror he had caused. Realizing that Abaddon might once again cloud his mind for his evil ends, the Archbishop bravely commited suicide. Abaddon had lost his control over the war and the fighting soon came to a halt. Abaddon went back into hiding to plot his next move.

Both countries, now aware of Abaddon’s widespread manipulation, were in desperation to find a way to seal him back into the Land of Collapse. With the Elvine King’s recommendation, the Arseden Knight led a team of investigators to find how they could stop Abaddon. They found the only way to seal Abaddon lay in the unknown world. Their hearts swelling with courage, the team set out on a perilous journey to save the world as they knew it…

Episode 4 – The Apocalypse

The team of investigators knew that they needed to find a new portal into the Land of Collapse. The world had been sealed by a Time Wall, made by God, so that no human could enter. The team found, in their searching, a piece of ancient slate that radiated an undeniable power. The team could not shake the feeling that this ancient slate was the key to their journey. They scoured Helbreath to look for the other pieces. After much arduous searching, the team found another piece of the sacred slate. What was written upon it conformed the team’s suspicions. Upon the slate was part of an ancient prophecy that told how to confine the evil Abaddon. The brave Knight from Arseden set out alone to find the rest of the pieces of this vital slate and learn the secret to stop Abaddon.

The secret to confine Abaddon is written in the Ancient Prophecy and the Villains broke the Ancient Prophecy into four pieces. Finding them is a whole other story altogether.

To all travelers of the Helbreath continent…You will have to face this destiny with us. The destiny can be either a return to the ancient peace or to witness destruction of the world.

The choice is in your hands…

Episode 5 – The Heldenian

A grandson of an elder, who traveled to find ancient prophecy to make Abaddon sleep, accomplished his mission by using the power of ancient prophecy after the bloody war.

After Abaddon fell asleep, the two nations, Elvine and Aresden, finally seem to be resting in peace, much like warm spring after a cold winter. Both nations became more developed and economically in better condition through hard work of their citizens, those with power were drinking and singing without taking care of their people since there was no more war between the nations.

Time has passed by and…

Those citizens of both Elvine and Aresden who were sick and tired of murders and thefts left their nation, in searching for the new world.

The princess of Elvine, Helien felt the responsibility of her people also left Elvine as she reproached her father.

When Helien arrived on the west side of the Middle Land, she found unrevealed a castle, after known as hidden castle (Heldenian). The princess Helien tried to establish a new village around the castle for those people who left Elvine. However when the proprietor of Elvine knew about Helien and the hidden castle, he sent out his troops in capture the castle for Elvine.

In the same time, Aresden also received the news that Elvine sent out their troops to the hidden castle that Aresden also sent out their troops urgently to the Middle land.

Elvine and Aresden faced each other on the west side of the Middle Land. They forget about the peace and once again, the long war is started upon avarices of both nations.

Heldenian: Located on the west of Middle Land and some says ancient Gods were dwelling in the castle.