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Client update released

We are pleased to announce the latest update for our game client, focusing on improving server balance with the following features:

  • New players now start in Aresden automatically, improving server fairness.
  • We’ve implemented code fixes and refactoring to ensure better stability and overall performance.
  • No more pop-ups for citizenship for new characters.
  • Added new items to the item shop.

In addition to these improvements, we are excited to introduce a new customization feature: wands can now be dyed. The following wands are now dyeable:

  • Berserk Wand
  • Kloness Wand
  • Resurrection Wand

We appreciate your support and look forward to your continued enjoyment of the game with these updates. Enjoy personalizing your wands and enhancing your in-game experience!

Thank you for your continued support and happy gaming!