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Helbreath USA

Server Maintenance 05-14-2021 @ 9:00 PM PST


We will be performing server maintenance on May 14th at 9:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. During the maintenance, we will be releasing a new update. Please see updates notes below.

Update Notes:
– Now players has the options to enable/disable floating damage text through system menu
– Disabled server selections in client
– Storm Bringer 65 INT stat requirement fixed.
– Item name color is now properly identified based on rarity: Legendary Item (Red), Rare (Magenta), Special/Stat Item (Green), Normal (White)
– Added Event notifications scroll

– Heldenian Maps: GodH and Heldenian Ramparts will be available for hunts.
> Monsters: Shadown Knights and Temple Knights.
> Monster’s Drops: Black Shadow Sword
> Monster’s Rare Drops: Necklace of Merien, Cancellation Manual
* How to get to the maps? Any monsters will drop fragments and Devlin (NPC) will combine them for Heldenian Teleport Scroll. The scroll will teleport you to Heldenian Ramparts where you may access God’s Heldenian map.

Where can I find Devlin?
– Devlin used to roam around outside the warehouse (both Elvine and Aresden). Devlin will be roaming in the Maze map during Apocalypse. Once you have gathered 100 Heldenian Fragments, you will have to find Devlin in the Maze map and talk to him to combine the fragments.

Item Mall:
– Removed Fire Blast Manual and Storm Bringer
– Added Heldenian Fragment

Thank you,