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Helbreath USA

Upcoming client update on 07/12/2020


We will be releasing a new client update on 07/12/2020 during server maintenance. Please see update notes below:

Civilian Play Mode

We are now introducing Civilian play mode. For those want to hunt in peace, this is the mode for you.

  • Play mode can be changed at any time EXCEPT Crusades/Heldenian
  • During Civilian mode, players will not be able to engaged in PvP. (You will not take any damage from any players and will not be able to attack any players)
  • Civilians are freely roam any maps except: Apocalypse (Infernia, Maze, Druncncity, Procella, and Abaddon), Tower of Hell 3, and Battlefield map.
  • Civilians cannot be targeted by other players (/tgt)
  • Civilians experience slightly decreased.
  • Civilians cannot cast summon, heal or any type of protections on Combatant players.