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Helbreath USA

Crusade and Battlefield


Starting April 18th, Battlefield portal rights will be determined by Crusade. The winning city of the Crusade will win the rights to hunt in the Battlefield until the next Crusade.


Gem Shop –

  • April 18th, Kloness Wand MS-10 will be removed from the Lucky Prize Ticket.
  • April 12th, Frost Armor has been added in Lucky Prize Ticket. Players, have a RANDOM CHANCE to win a Frost Armor. Frost armor gives the wearer to slow attackers (upon hit) when special ability is activated

Garden Maps (Elvine/Aresden) –

  • Starting April 17th, Unicorn spawns will increase in Garden map for Aresden and Elvine

Items Drop Rate –

  • Medusa Sword and Necklace drop rate has decreased