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Helbreath USA

Server Maintenance 9/12 @ 9:00 PM PST

We will be performing server maintenance at September 12th, 2018 @ 9:00 PM PST. We will also be releasing a new update. Please see patch notes below.


Patch Notes:
– Ping has been re-enabled
– Added option to enable/disable camera shakes.
– Slates can now be dropped/transferred while player is using a slate.
– Dye(Pink) item is now available in shop for 100 gold.
– Dye(Gold) is now a little brighter rather than old-gold (darker gold) color.
– Cityhall’s middleland teleport is now available.
– Non-Combat Npc will no longer display health bars.
– Overall drop rates lowered
– System Menu font color change

– Increased chance of berserked mobs on all maps

Recall Spell:
– Players will receive a 20 seconds recall cooldown instead 10 seconds upon taking damage.

Gem Shop:
– Regular dye color available: Crimson-Red, Gold Dye, Green Dye
– Players will receive Pledge of Allegiance item instead of automatic nation change.


– Split Experience will have 5% reduction per member in a party. Max reduction is 20%
– Drop rates will increase by 5% per member in a party. Max increase is 20%