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Helbreath USA

Server Maintenance and More..

We will be performing a server maintenance at 11:30 PM PST for a quick server maintenance. There is also a brief update (not client update), see below.



  • /tooff <player name> (Whisper disabled for target player)
  • /toon <player name> (Whisper enabled for target player)
  • /shoff (Shouts disabled)
  • /shon (Shouts enabled)
  • /whoff (Completely disable whispers)
  • /whon (Completely enable whispers)
  • Baguette and Meat (Food Spell) now disappears after 15 min on the floor
  • Experience Points has been increased.


  • 4th of July event is set to start for 1 day only (on 07/04/2018): Players will be receiving double experience and Drop increase (yes, it includes rares)