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Major Announcement!


Your voice has been heard! We’ve appreciate your feedback and your votes. We heard you loud and clear and we’ve come to a decision. Server is set to completely reset on March 14, 2018 at 10:00 PM PST. Please read below as to what will occur on reset day.


– All players will start from scratch. (Characters will be deleted, players will need to re-create their characters)
– Monster’s experience points will be adjusted to a fair (low) amount but, not excessively grindy.
– Items such as Storm Bringer will be removed from shop and Earth Shock Wave will no longer be available be crafted.
– Pits will indeed be moved/adjusted/or removed. (Note: Ettin and Mountain Giants will be roaming Middleland rather than pits as we encourage group/party hunts. Yes, drop rate still increase when in a party with others. Solo party will not boost drop rates.)
– Normal and Rare drop rates will be adjusted.
– Monsters attack and defense modified (we want to encourage players partying but, we also consider solo play)
– No more double EK events
– Double Experience event will not be as occasional.
– Spells will be slightly adjusted

* This will be the only reset, we will not have any resets in the future! *