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Hey players, we do hear you and a call for a reset takes a lot of considerations. There are many players whom spent a lot gearing and leveling their characters. This is a heavy thought for the team. We ask you what you’re thoughts are. Are you for or against a reset?

If a reset were to occur, here is what will change:

– all players will start from scratch.
– Experience will be lowered to be fair and require much effort.
– Items such as Storm Bringer will be removed from shop and Earth Shock Wave will no longer be available be crafted.
– Pits will indeed be moved/adjusted/or removed.
– Drop rates will be lowered
– Monsters attack and defense modified (we want to encourage players partying but, we also consider solo play)
– No more double EK events
– Double Experience event will not be as occasional.

** All players that benefited from unfair adjustments from early version will no longer benefit if reset were to happen **

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