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Helbreath USA

Fiery and Icy Ball Drop Event

Fiery and Icy Ball Event is here!


Monsters are set to drop Icy and Fiery ball from September 15th to the 30th. Double clicking on the ball will give your the chance to win Fiery Blast Manual if Fiery Ball or Armor of Frost if Icy Ball. Please see event info below.


Fiery and Icy Ball event is set to start on 09/15/2017 8:00 PM PST

Prize: Fiery Blast Manual (Fiery Ball) and Armor of Frost (Icy Ball)

Monsters that Drop Fiery Ball: Demon, Cyclops, Hellhound

Monsters that Drop Icy Ball: Frost, Dire boars, and Beholders

Event Ends: 10/01/2017