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Client Update Release and Abaddon Event

Elvine and Aresden,

We will be releasing the new client update on 09/09/2017. In addition, Abaddon event will begin tomorrow 09/09/2017 @ 2:30 PM PST (after crusade). Once Abaddon event begins, Elvine and Aresden will be under truce. Players of both cities cannot attack each other. See client update details below:

Update Notes (Update will be released 09/09/2017 @ 2:30 PM PST):
– Fiery Blast Manual and Spell added. Fiery Blast requires 200 INT. Fiery Blast consumes 178 mp (mana points). Fiery Blast Manual is dropped by Demons and Barlogs.
– Medusa Necklace, Medusa Sword, Xelima Blade, Axe, and Rapier drop rate decreased.
– Primary drop stated armor and weapons slightly increased
– Bloody Shock Wave Manual, Armor Dye (Reset), Weapon Dye (Reset), Ice Storm Manual added to Gem Shop
– Small bug fixes