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Helbreath USA

Abaddon is in Middleland!!

Citizens of Elvine and Aresden,

Abaddon has arrived! He is destroying near by citizens and villages in Middleland. A scout returned with last known coordinates Middleland (155, 208). Lets unite and destroy this beast before he destroys our world!

Event Info:
– Abaddon will spawn randomly in Middleland on September 9th, 2017.
– A TOTAL TRUCE will be enabled (What does that mean? PvP will be disabled; Players will not receive any damage from ANY players, it will be strictly Player vs Monsters)
– Abaddon primary and rare drop INCREASED.
– Double EXP Event will be enabled (EXP of killing Abaddon will be 2 MILLION EXP [1 million x2]) *Note: Those part of attacking Abaddon will get EXP but, not the final 2 million exp. The one that delivers the final blow will receive the EXP (if player is in the party, the 2 million exp will be divided)

EVENT ENDS: September 10th, 2017 8:00 PM PST