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EVENT: Abaddon Awakens!

Citizens of Elvine and Aresden,

Abaddon has finally awaken from his deep slumber and has been unleashing its attack on local towns. A scout returned with dangerous news that Abaddon is heading its way toward Middlelands! The Gods ask both Aresden and Elvine to agree on total truce and join forces to destroy Abaddon and its minions before it destroys Aresden and Elvine.

Event Info:
– Abaddon will spawn randomly in Middleland on September 9th, 2017.
– A TOTAL TRUCE will be enabled (What does that mean? PvP will be disabled; Players will not receive any damage from ANY players, it will be strictly Player vs Monsters)
– Abaddon primary and rare drop INCREASED.
– Double EXP Event will be enabled (EXP of killing Abaddon will be 2 MILLION EXP [1 million x2]) *Note: Those part of attacking Abaddon will get EXP but, not the final 2 million exp. The one that delivers the final blow will receive the EXP (if player is in the party, the 2 million exp will be divided)

EVENT ENDS: September 10th, 2017 8:00 PM PST