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Helbreath USA

New Client Version Released 08/13/2017

We are pushing out an early client version, please see update notes below:

– Removed Giant Battle Hammer’s Glow Effect

– Bugs that causes client to crash due while drawing ground items.
– Enemy Kills not being awarded accordingly.
– Rain effect causes some player’s client to crash.
– Fixed server-side issues causing random network instability.
– Player will receive an error when client is outdated instead “Connection Lost” upon logging in.
– Players will now be able to properly view invisible players that are running or walking when using the Necklace of the Beholder

– Armor of Ice Elemental – SPECIAL ABILITY: Freeze effect will be enabled on the attacker when they hit the wearer while special ability is activated.
– New NPC: Yeti – This monster travels around Ice Bound (Icebound only spawns 1 Yeti any time)
– Low Health Indicator – Activated when HP is below 25%
– HP/MP/SP increase and decrease messages now colored accordingly

Yeti Drops: (Yeti’s HP and Defense is of similar to Helclaw but, slightly less)
– Ice Storm Manual
– Ring of Grand Mage
– Sword of Ice Elemental
– Necklace of Ice Protection
– Necklace of Ice Elemental
– Storm Bringer

– Storm Bringer added (LIMITED TIME)
– Most shop prices reduced