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Helbreath USA

New Client Update Released – 07/12/2017

We’ve completed the server maintenance and released the new client update. Please see the release notes below:

New Features:
– Repair All
– New Music and Sounds (Menu Screen, Blacksmith, Shop, and Wizard)
– In-Game Item Shop (Players will now be able to purchase gems and have them immediately available. Gems will be used to purchase Cash Shop items.)
– Monster Health Bar
– Ancient Tablets now have a countdown timer on the top right corner
– Gold Coins drop animation
– Game Client now remembers last used windows state (Full Screen or Window Mode)

New Events:
– Double EK Events
– Double EXP Events

– Ice Storm Fixed – Now freezes monsters
– Necklace of Beholder fixed – Wearer can see all invisible players
– Now snows in Icebound
– Now rains
– Floor items disappear after 30 minutes

– High armor and weapon stat items from monsters has decreased.
– Non-boss monsters 2nd drop rate increased
– Earth Shock Wave, Blizzard, and Meteor Damage increased
– Boss Monsters (Tigerworm, Helclaw, Fire Wyvern, and Wyvern) Health increased
– Experience from Non-Boss monsters slightly decreased
– Necklace crafting now requires 30 contributions instead 10 contributions
– “Crit!” message changed to “Critical!”
– “*Failed*” message changed to “Miss!”
– New Loading Screen
– Updated Main Menu
– Lowered Necklace of Beholder drop rate

New Gem Shop Items:
– Ancient Slate of Luck – Increases drop rate on rares and stat items for 30 minutes
– Character Stat Reset