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Helbreath USA

New updates and fixes

Please see server updates below:

— Tower of Hell (3rd Floor) spawn fixed.

— Exp gain increased

— Drop Rate increased for the following items:

– Storm Bringer (Dropped by Nizie in Icebound)
– Ice Storm Manual (Dropped by Liche)
– Merien Plate Mail (Dropped by Stalker, Unicorn, and Werewolf)
– Merien Shield (Dropped by Stalker, Unicorn, and Werewolf)
– Sword of Medusa (Dropped by Snakes and Zombies)
– Necklace of Stone Golem (Dropped by Stone Golem)
– Earth Shock Wave (Dropped by Stalker, Tentocle, and Barlog)

— Drops added:

– Giant Battle Hammer (Dropped by Ettin and Mountain Giants)
– Berserk Wand (MS10) and Berserk Wand (MS20) (Dropped by Frost in Icebound)