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Helbreath USA

Small Changes (after update)

Here are some brief changes (post-update):

  • We also changed Icebound’s Ice Golem pits to Frost. Ice Golem will not be available until bug is fixed. Currently, players would be able to kill Ice Golem without receiving any damage as long as they are protected by Absolute Magic Protection (AMP).
  • Icebound will only spawn: Frost, Direboar, Beholder, Wyvern, and Dark Elf. *Note: When Ice Golem is confirmed fixed, Icebound will include Ice Golem. *Will apply next server restart*


  • Players level 80 and above will now be able to create a guild. *Fixed 12/08/2016
  • Tigerworm & Helclaw has been disabled due to Tigerworm & Helclaw will continue to flee and will not fight back. *Fixed 12/08/2016
  • We’ve changed the Promiseland’s level limit from 150 to 120. Those who attempt to enter Promiseland past 120 will be refused.